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My sled dogs are Alaskan huskies, which have been bred and raised in Alaska for generations for their good coats, speed, stamina and leadership abilities. I have 35 dogs in my kennel, which gives me plenty of dogs for breeding, running down the trail to meet friends and lots of fun training young dogs. I also feed them puppy vitamins. My tether system is a one and three quarter pipe 7’ long driven half way in, post are set on a 13’ grid and chains are 6’ allowing free movement and good compatibles in the lot. Housing is also important. I use a duplex design letting both dogs to be able to be on the same house, building TEAM relationships. Small kennel allows more time spent with training LEADERS.Sponsors Supplements: Vitamins for Pitbulls, Pitbull Dog Creatineand our Bully Protein Supplement

My Leaders
My main (command) leaders are all females, ranging in age from 3 - 4 years old. Their names are Rain, Midnight, Donna and Nevada. My team dogs average age is 2.5 to 4.5 years old, half of them are male and half of them are females.

Dogs are trained, so as they are introduced to running they respond and love traveling. Personalities are what I most identify with for Example; A timid dog is usually a smart dog, smart enough to want to avoid you. As it may seem to be a fault but my BEST LEADERS are timid. The young dogs learn it’s fun to be out on the trail. By running with adult team mates they gain confidence in themselves. Young dogs run with older race dogs through cart and command training...then they start finding out where they like to run. Hand signals and voice commands are most necessary with a big strings ofdogs. Training command leaders is most rewarding for me. I will continue to compete for the 2001 race season and beyond

Moreland Ridge students correspond with
David Straub about the Iditarod
School Programs:
I travel to schools and other childrens programs with my lead dogs to educate children on sled dogs, the Iditarod, mushing, and the importance of following their dreams! If your school or program is interested in having me as a guest speaker please contact me at (907) 495-7433

Note: At this time I am unable to travel outside of Alaska due to funding/sponsorship. If you are interested in me visiting your school please drop us an e-mail so we can add you to our list when funding is available.

A special video is now available for class programs.Ask me for details on how your class can receive one. Here are a few of my favorite websites: and

Can you help?
I'm looking for a company or corporation interested in sponsoring a program I'm working on to travel to schools with my lead dogs, talking to children about the IDITAROD and ALASKA.
If you or your company would like to help with my goal, call 877-495-7433

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